Apple Sells Refurbished iPhone X Devices from $769

Apple for the first time in history started selling officially refurbished Apple iPhone X devices through its online stores all over the United States and the United Kingdom. One can get their hands on one after spending $769 or £769 with 64GB of onboard memory. Interestingly, it’s an unlocked unit.

The iPhone X’s price position it as a competitor to an iPhone XR which is backed by the latest and powerful A12 chipset. Not only this but it also has an LCD screen which is also biggest than X’s AMOLED panel with only a single rear camera whereas 2017’s flagship comes with two. Hence, if you are considering both of these devices, you are going to face a tough choice.

apple iPhone X

Without a doubt, if you get your hands on one, you will get a new device but Apple’s certified refurbished devices are thoroughly inspected, tested properly, cleaned and repackaged again – coming in a new box with all the mandatory manuals and accessories.

Most important of all, Apple’s refurbished iPhone X will have a new battery and new outer shell. So, for most intents and purposes, it really is “like new”.

If you are looking to buy refurbished iPhone X with 256GB of onboard memory instead of 64GB, you will need to spend $899 or £899. For your convenience, we have highlighted the links below if you are interested to buy one.

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