Apple is Apparently Working on a Modem of its Own for Upcoming iPhones

Apple decided not to rely any further on any 3rd party vendor for its core electronics especially for upcoming iPhones and currently considering to manufacture its own modem.

Everyone knows that there is an extensive range of electronic companies and manufacturers worldwide using components and technologies from other parties. For instance, in terms of optics, so many brands use sensors made by Sony for their products. And in a mobile market, plentiful smartphone brands are turning their heads to Qualcomm for their Chips.

Apple seems to go in that direction sooner instead of later. The Cupertino Company is looking for skilled persons in both software and hardware for wireless components and with Bluetooth and LTE.

This isn’t the first time we heard about this as back in 2017 – a similar rumor was circulating across the Internet.

When will this happen?

It’s yet to be announced when (or if) a Modem made by Cupertino will arrive into the market. However, the latest news we’ve heard is that Apple has plans to buy 5G modems from Intel. One should expect that Modem in 2020.

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