Angry Birds 2: Cheats, Hacks, Tips & Tricks – Everything You Should Know About

Angry Bird 2 Game Cheats Codes

Are you looking for Angry Birds 2 limitless gems, hacks, and cheat codes for both Android and iOS? Look no further as we’ve assembled lots of sensational features and plenty of other resources to use when it comes to playing. Since the Angry Birds 2 is played by every age of people such as small kids, children, young, adult as well as old age people because of the easiness of the game.

Angry Birds 2 Game is undoubtedly one of the top grossing games because of a wide number of downloads from the specific store. It’s easily accessible on several platforms e.g. Android, iOS, and Facebook etc. Inviting other people to challenge them in Angry Birds Game Online is one reason they’re addicted to.

After gaining a huge success of version 1 of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment decided to launch a new version which is named as “Angry Birds 2” with a lot of add-ons and exciting features. You’ll see New Piggy Islands, Awesome Spell even you’ll be more excited while playing instead of version 1 of Angry Birds.

What’s more in Angry Birds 2?

  • Multiple New Stage Levels
  • All New Spells
  • Ability to Choose Your Birds
  • Introduction to Card-Based Game
  • Hefty in-app Purchase

Now let’s have a little bit discussion on Angry Birds 2 Tips & Tricks you’re actually looking for. We’ve also discussed details gamers need to check out before attempting any Angry Birds 2 Cheats and Hacks.

Angry Birds 2 Cheat for Free Lives

If you’re running short on Angry Birds 2 lives, there’s a way to get free ones without waiting half an hour to play again or paying with gems in the game.

What’s the way? Once you ran out of chance, set your device clock ahead and get free Angry Birds 2 lives without any hassle. How to set? Have a look below!

  1. Close Angry Birds 2 from multitasking
  2. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Uncheck Set Automatically > Set time ahead a few hours or a day.
  3. Go back to Angry Birds 2 and see your free lives.

Caution: Always make sure you’ve set the time back or you may miss important appointments and events.

Choose a Bird Wisely

Whenever you choose a bird for shooting, you must go for an experiment with the order which you target and Firebirds in. You can choose a bird you fire by tapping on the card in the lower left corner. You can activate special abilities with a second tap that will help you beat levels easily. It’s highly important in two-room levels.

Must watch tutorial which walks through these options, but in case you find yourself stuck on a level, be sure you switch up the order.

Take Your Time with Second Shots

Once you’ve fired off a shot, don’t go back immediately to fire again. It’s much important in levels you aim at building and structures.

Waiting for two or more seconds allow something else to fall which can completely change your strategy.

Stop a Shot after Pull Back

You can cancel your shot and switch to another bird after you pull back on the slingshot.

Simply move back slowly and let go then, instead of lifting your finger up to let go. Be sure you’re all the way back; otherwise, you’ll just launch into nowhere and waste a bird. Practicing this in the tutorials and early levels is only a way to get rid of it.

How to Get Free Angry Birds 2 Gems and Items?

Now you don’t have to pay for Angry Birds 2 items as you can unlock free items and upgrades each day. In order to do so, log in every day to get a free upgrade. And daily rewards, on the contrary, allow you to get necessary items to beat hard levels.

However, if you’ve enough time, how about watching a video? It can double your reward and helps you get more free Angry Birds 2 gems. Though it’s a common way, it’s great.

Get to Know Your Birds:

Every Bird in Angry Birds 2 is equipped with a special skill. Rather than unlocking the special skills or build it up, go for a second tap to activate the skill.

  • Red Birds: Wind gust to knock over obstacles.
  • Blue Birds: Splits into three and takes out ice blocks easily.
  • Chuck Birds: Tap to dash through a wood.
  • Matilda Birds: Drops an egg and blasts up.
  • Silver Birds: Loop and nosedive or big attacks.
  • Bomb Birds: Explode after a crash, or tap to explode on demand.
  • Terence Birds: Push towards items with this massive bird.

Before you go for a bird, make sure you have tapped the card, or you’ll end up frustrated.

Complete Quests

The easiest way to get free items is to complete quests. These are frequently tasks you’ll finish as you play, but if you look at them you can knock them out faster.

How to do it? Simply tap on the small menu option on the map to pull up daily quests.

 Angry Birds 2 Hacks:

There isn’t a wide list of Angry Birds 2 Hacks available yet. But when you do start to see Angry Birds 2 hacks online, you need to be aware that many will not actually deliver the free gems.

Perhaps mentioned above hacks will ask users to complete an offer or fill out a survey before downloading the supposed hack. Not often these ways truly deliver the coins, unlimited gems, and resources that they promise.

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