Affordable Mobile Broadband Plans of Optus Now for Non-Business Type

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The Mobile Broadband Plans in Australia are finally reasonable and economical for non-business type – especially if someone is living quite close to a major city such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and others.

Everyone will now be able to score up to 200GB plan which is more than enough to replace your home Internet easily by spending only 60 bucks a month.

Right now, Optus is offering users 2 dazzling plans which are well worth considering.

The new and special Optus mobile broadband Plans contain at least 200GB of data. These plans are specifically designed to take place of your home Internet connection without breaking your banks. You will be able to get full 4G speeds (between 20Mbps and 100Mbps) and data allowances are highly comparable to a fixed per month line service you are using already.

Interestingly, the modem is absolutely free of cost if you sign a 24-month contract and is more robust as compared to a 4G hotspot. Not only this, it has Ethernet Ports, but you have to plug into the wall.

Still waiting on an NBN or any other local connectivity which sucks in your area? Optus mobile broadband plans then will satisfy your thirst for the super-fast Internet.

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