A Short Video Shows off a Foldable Smartphone of Lenovo

Lenovo Foldable Smartphones - News & Rumors

Perhaps you’ve already heard that Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, and LG are working on a smartphone, right? Now we have come up with a short video – shows a Lenovo foldable smartphone which loads apps and everything.

The Lenovo foldable smartphone in a video is quite big which one can fold it in half. Though it wouldn’t fold that but “hinge” reminds us of Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Taking a look at the video, there’s a black spot on a screen where the hinge is. Well, it’s only a right side which indicates it’s a problem of Lenovo foldable smartphone rather a technological limitation. In a video, we’ve also seen a small chin at the bottom. Besides, it’s quite impressive and we’re hoping that the tech will be further improved before lands on shelves.

What Lenovo Says?

Back in 2017, Lenovo showed off Cplus which is a smartphone that bends into a bracelet. The Cplus house a 4.35-inches AMOLED screen and there was real leather on its rear. Moreover, Lenovo also indicated that the upcoming foldable smartphone will be marketed under the legendary Moto RAZR brand. The Moto RAZR brand is also working on flexible laptops.

Other leading and top-tier brands are also working on a foldable smartphone and will launch in 2019. A Chinese smartphone brand “Huawei” and South Korean brand “Samsung have publically promised such smartphones. LG has related patents as well.

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